Herbert Hoover Pledge

At Herbert Hoover High School we pledge to be RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS.  No aggressive words or acts are acceptable. Violence will not be tolerated. We pledge to be KIND to one another and to RESPECT each person’s feelings. Together we will UNITE as Huskies!


Herbert Hoover Fight Song

“Let’s give a cheer for Hoover High

We’ll never let the spirit die.

We’ve got the best team far and near

So give our boys a great big cheer (RAH! RAH!)

We’ve got that Herbert Hoover pride

Because the best team’s on our side

So all you HUSKIES be true

To the scarlet, royal blue."


Herbert Hoover Alma Mater

“Come let us sing to Hoover High

Our Alma Mater praise.

Who makes us yearn to reach the sky,

And gives us golden days.

Our patient mother grant us now

The wisdom we will need

To meet the challenge of our vows,

Fulfill our destinies."



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