Marching Huskies

                                       History of The Marching Huskies

Over the years the Marching Huskies have been led by 7 directors, those being John Barns, Bob Heighty, Lee McMillen, Nick Munoz, Steven Foster, Shannon Fields, and Meleah Fisher. During the time between the 80's and early 90's, the band held the title of Grand champion of the Majorette Festival. 

Mr. Nick Munoz had incorporated his version of Amazing Grace into the band's pre-game of the school's football games, setting in stone one of the most important traditions that still lives on today.

On June 23rd, 2016, Herbert Hoover had lost everything in a historical flood. From uniforms, to music, to the $250,000 band trailer, everything had been lost. Friends and family of the band are what helped the program obtain uniforms, instruments, and the essentials to help the band rebound better. Schools from all over WV came together to help the band get the things it needed. The band had also received a $64,000 grant from Music Rising for new instruments. 

In 2018, the Marching Huskies got the amazing chance to march at Disney World in Florida.

In March of 2020, Covid-19 swept the united states and effect all bands. But Ms.Fisher and the marching huskies prevailed as they continued to practice and push forward with every step, brushing it off like nothing was going on. Proving that nothing could stop the tempo once it started. 


                               Marching Huskies Members

Director- Meleah Fisher

Seniors- Bryan Ashley, Chaz Bentley, Tytan Crowder, Adam Whitehair, Jaci Cummings, Hailey Willson, Dylan Townsend

Juniors- Natalie Arbogast, Alex Arnold, Jillian Dolin, Caroline Dysart, Aaron Engle, Hunter Fields, Meredith Frame, Kaleb Lanier, Salem Nichols, Ryan Pollack, Amber Russe

Sophomores-  Ethan Adamik, Alexandra Christian, Landon Cummings, Presely Cunningham, Grace Gant, Braiden Hill

Freshmen- Katelyn Arbogast, Amelia Frame, Hope Hawkins, Kerrigan Snyder, Olivia Tomas

Drill Captains- Bryan Ashley, Chaz Bentley, Tytan Crowder, Amber Russe, Adam Whitehair

Auxiliary Captain- Jaci Cummings

Auxiliary Co-Capatain- Jillian Dolin

Field Commander- Dylan Townsend

Twirler- Caroline Dysart



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